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What are Commends?

Commends allows players to send feedback for other players in-game, which is counted on each CS:GO profile. Think of it as a “like-button” for your in-game profile.

The commendations will be sent in all 3 categories (FRIENDLY / LEADER / TEACHER)

Feature: You can split up your commendations! ×100 Commendations = 300 single Commends. (100 Friendly ,100 Teacher ,100 Leader)

After purchasing: Your ID64 will be added to our queue. Commendations will be delivered wihin 48 hours.

NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS! This is a virtual item that requires no shipment. By placing an order, you confirm that you accept these terms.

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100 Commends, 400 Commends, 1000 Commends, 2500 Commends, 5000 Commends


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