1x Ultimate Random Key (PC)

999.00 199.00

  • 1x Ultimate Random Key – (See Listing Pictures for list of titles).Game Download Code is randomly selected by our algorithm.Game can be for Steam,Origin,Uplay or GOG. PRICE GUARANTEE : GAME SENT WILL BE WORTH MINIMUM Rs.499 OR MORE ON STEAM/Origin/Uplay/GOG , as applicable.
  • You will get 1x RANDOMLY selected Key for Steam/Origin/Uplay/GoG platform (See Listing Picture for List of titles).Have any question ? Please ask before buying.
  • No CD/DVD/Box. Code will be mailed to the buyer.System requirements for each game is different.Kindly make sure you can run the game.
  • This Product is NON-RETURNABLE.High Speed Internet Connection Recommended.*Received keys cannot be exchanged or returned in case you already own the title or are dissatisfied with the offer.Only GOOD & POPULAR games are included in this offer,unlike other sellers on amazon,we show the entire list to the customer so that they know what they may win


Do you like surprises? Do you live for that feeling of anticipation, seconds before opening a mystery gift? And finally, is there a special place in your heart where video games reside? If you answered “yes” to at least one of these, then we have something just for you. So how does that work ? First of all, you pay a ridiculously low price. Then, we send you a key for a random game from our list for Steam or Origin or Uplay or GOG Platform determined by our system’s algorithm & random selection . (To see the full list of titles ,please see listing pictures). Only high rated, well-known and widely beloved titles are taking part in this offer! Your chance to win popular,highly rated & good games like GTA 5,Dishonored,Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4,Simcity,Fallout 4,Mad Max,Saints Row IV,Deadpool,Call of Duty Ghosts,Skyrim Legendary,Just Cause 3,Civilization V Complete,Left 4 Dead 2,Mass Effect 3,Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed ,Dragon age Inquisition,Payday 2,Borderlands GOTY,Dead Space,The Darkness 2, & many more (See listing picture for full list). Try your Luck Now !


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